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iLearn UK is an established student consultancy company with a proven track record of helping students find and apply for the right academic and vocational courses, as well as to find the financial support they need to complete their courses.
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Our consultancy is based in London and has offices in Birmingham and Manchester. If you want to fulfil your potential by studying the course you love, we'll help make it a reality!

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Our company has been providing custom courses for international and local students in the UK. We take pride in our work and the people that deliver the best courses. Our team is composed of experts in recruitment that have worked with candidates from Europe and from around the world. iLearn is build to provide an exceptional level of candidates. We are focused on bulling a positive candidate experience, providing a tailor made recruitment process for each educational institution. Give your life a second chance!.

Are you planning to apply for a student loan?

Making financial arrangements for your college or university fees is never an easy thing. Let us take the stress out of everything by making all the arrangements on your behalf.

Note:Even if you have already started a course, you can still apply for Student Finance Support. The deadline to apply for a financial support is withn 9 months of the course starting.

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Set an appointment by calling us on 020 3620 7862 or 07465639339 / 07463626652.

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On the day of your appointment visit our office at 218-220 Whitechapel Road, 1st Floor, London E1 1BJ. We'll guide you through the steps of the application.

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When you visit our office to choose/apply for your course and setup student finance, you will need the following: Proof of Address, National Insurance Number, Passport / Card ID, Academic Certificate, CV, Personal Statement.

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Whether you are thinking about starting a course or you`re already a student, you can rely on us for all matters concercing your application at college/university or your student finance. From financial advice and assistance with any related documents, to applying for a course and more, the diverse team at iLearn UK have a very good understanding of different student backgrounds. We will help in any way to make sure you receive the education you deserve.

Eligibility for Loans and Grants

You need to fulfil certain criteria in order to qualify for various funds and grants. Some of the criteria include the type of college or university you have opted for, your previous history regarding applying for a higher education course, your age, nationality, and residency status. Contact us so we can advise you about your eligibility for financial assistance.

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If you’re looking to apply for a student loan in London, iLearn UK can offer expert advice and guidance. For more details, call us now on 020 3620 7862



Duration: 4 months - 1 year, depending on the study mode.
A Combined (Competence and Knowledge) qualification is a work-based qualification that combines competence and technical knowledge to give learners the practical competencies, technical skills and sector-related knowledge they need to be able to carry out a job effectively.

AVAILABLE COURSES • Business Administration • Health & Social Care • Adult Care • Business and Human Resources

Designed with support from universities and a progression route to a BACHELOR'S DEGREE.

HNC-HND Diploma- Level 4 and Level 5

Duration: 2 years UK has a grading system for different levels of education.

Level 4 course – Equal to the 1st year of a bachelor's programme or HNC (Higher National Certificate).

Level 5 course – Equivalent to 2nd year of a bachelor's degree an HND (Higher National Diploma) programme.

AVAILABLE COURSES Business Management, Hospitality Management, Health & Social Care, Nursing Management, Travel & Tourism, Public Service, Art & Design, Photography, Computing System, Graphic Design

More Courses: Business Management, Business and Finance, Tourism Management, International Business Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Accounting and Financial Management, Banking and Finance, International Tourism and Hospitality Management, Nursing, Health and Social Care, etc. The TOP-UP Course (Level 6) is a degree is designed for the students who already hold a Higher National Diploma (HND) or an equivalent qualification.

Bachelor's Degree, University Course

Level 6 courses are the final component in a bachelor’s degree. Bachelors are classed as follows: 1st, 2:1, 2:2, 3rd and Ordinary degree.
Bachelors can be with honours (Hons) or without.

It usually takes 3 or 4 years to complete full time program.

The bachelor’s degree remains the standard for entry into many professional careers. Getting a Bachelors degree can be the ticket to a more promising career.

AVAILABLE COURSES: Business Management, Events Management, International Tourism Management, Health and Social Care, Business and Healthcare Management, Law and Accounting, Events Management, Internaional Tourism Management, Business and Marketing, Business and Law,Business and Human Resource Management, Business and Hospitality Management, Computing IT, Software Engineering, Business Management (Supply Chain), Business Management (People), Business Management (retail)(-from REGENT?)